Spectranomics Protocols

Here we provide technical information describing methods and materials used in creating the Spectranomics Database. Meticulously vetted over more than a decade of application, we know these protocols work, as do hundreds of our collaborators who use them. The Spectranomics Database now contains about half of all canopy tree species on Earth, and it continues to grow based on these protocols.

Field Protocols

Summary of Field Procedures | Site preparation | Leaf collection and handling | Leaf spectroscopy | Sample transport

Lab Protocols

Sample drying and storage | Cryo-preservation and storage | Chlorophylls and carotenoids | Phenols and tannins | Total carbon, nitrogen and isotopes | Carbon fractions | Phosphorus, base cations and metals | Specific leaf area (SLA) and water

Other Protocols

Herbarium Voucher Digitization