New grant from Rainforest Trust to save a million acres in Borneo
15th December 2016

New grant from Rainforest Trust to save a million acres in Borneo

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The CAO team has received new funding from the Rainforest Trust to co-lead a conservation science project that will directly benefit more than a million acres of tropical rainforest in the Malaysian state of Sabah on the island of Borneo.

The project will focus on defining high-value forests for biodiversity protection, while simultaneously working to discover how people shape the Bornean landscape. The primary project partner is the Southeast Asia Rainforest Research Partnership along with researchers from the University of Aberdeen, University of York, University of Montana, and the Sabah Forestry Department.

The project will combine extensive CAO data collected in April 2016, along with advanced satellite data techniques, plus field-based surveys of plants and animals, to define high-value forests for a new protected area administered by the Sabah Forestry Department. Mapping and spatial ecological research will underpin the effort to discover Borneo’s biodiversity and save it.

CAO over Borneo

CAO over Borneo in April 2016